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I’m excited and a little bit in disbelief to say that we’ve just launched our third weekly session!!

This one is to help people not only in West Doncaster but also the people who can’t make the Saturday or Thursday sessions.

We currently have 55-70 attending two sessions weekly.

We won’t be adding any more sessions until we know we can sustain three weekly sessions for a long period of time as it costs a fair bit as you can imagine.

Going forward though our goals are to have 6 sessions!!

One each for north, south, west and east Doncaster, and two in central Doncaster on a Saturday and Sunday.

This would then make sure everyone in Doncaster has one fairly local and there’s one almost every day of the week for people to attend.

We also look to have a women’s only session (for those not as confident to get involved in the mixed sessions) and a kid’s session.
I’m also hoping to do a yearly fundraising day for MHFC with games, stalls, food and drink.

Hopefully, a yearly 11aside game with MHFC players at a professional ground like Doncaster Rovers’ Eco-Power Stadium will give people an awesome experience.

And of course, carry on with the MHFC surprises for people so we can spread more positive vibes and give people a needed mental boost.

These are just a few of our future ideas and plans so hopefully we can make the majority of them happen so we can help and support as many people in and around Doncaster as possible.

Thank you all for the fantastic support and shares on social media.

If any companies would like to support and sponsor our project please get in touch at



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