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Getting to play football in a prison is not a common opportunity so when we were asked if MHFC would like to enter a team into a charity 7aside tournament at the Doncaster prison to fundraise for Andy’s Man Club we of course got involved.

There were four other teams entering into the tournament, prison academy, prison guards, DRFC academy and the local fire service.

They were all a lot fitter, quicker and technically very good, and this is the first time we’d played together in more of a competitive environment and the first tournament in which we’d gotten involved.

However, we all had a great time, a different yet good experience of playing in a prison and it was good to represent MHFC and build awareness for our still relatively new project.

Thank you to the organisers and also all the teams for getting involved especially when it was a Monday morning and the weather wasn’t the best.

Hopefully, we can get involved in more charity events in and around Doncaster as time goes on.