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Today was our first time being part of an event.

It was a mental health exhibition at a local community centre that included Active Fusion, Andys Man Club, Doncaster Mind and more.

I was extremely anxious about the event as it was our very first and we’d never set up before so it was an unknown and that is something I’m not good with.

I did everything I could to remain as calm as possible but I was getting increasingly anxious leading up to the event, I did have the fantastic support of Mark though before the event and during it which helped massively.

It was an event very close in distance to me, being a 2 minute drive away and it was quite a quiet event for us, with us being a little out of the way however that turned out to be perfect for us.

We weren’t in a busy area, we had space and we weren’t overloaded with people which for our first event was a perfect introduction.

We had a group of teenage friends have a good go on all the activities but what was great to see was families of all different ages and men, women, lads and girls getting involved and enjoying themselves.

It was great to see families playing together, laughing together, being active together and generally just having a good time.

Us being able to set up the activities, get people involved and having fun then gave us a great feeling in return.

We’re attending another event in June and hopefully we can take our activities to more events in and around Doncaster and get more people active and having fun.

Doing events for me personally is a big test mentally but hopefully I can push myself through to attend as many as I can to spread awareness for mental health, MHFC and hopefully bring joy through our activities.

A massive thank you to Mark and Sheridan for their help and support.