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I’m really not the best at being happy with or proud of myself but as I try and overcome my anxiety I can now see (thanks to the help of Maz at Trauma Research UK) that I have to make myself proud and happy with things I do as it mentally helps me in the future.
It’s really tough for me to do and I feel awkward doing it but here goes……
So as I posted recently that I absolutely love 11aside football but unfortunately never really found the right team to play for until now it seems.
I’ve come across a brand new 11aside team that’s all about mental health and getting people out to play football in a competitive yet supported setting and this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for for over 10 years.
I’ve done one training session and we played our first competitive friendly today and everyone is so encouraging, friendly and supportive and for me who’s extremely worried about messing up and feels so much pressure to get everything perfect it helps massively.
I still put A LOT of pressure on myself and go into every game looking to play well, do everything right and to at least score one goal and assist two and if I don’t I’m not happy but hopefully I can find I balance with that.
Today we had 24 players turn up and it was great to see everyone play, get a chance and the team spirit was incredible!!
AND…… our first game ended 1-0 with us winning and it was me who scored for the team, I wasn’t bothered if I scored or someone else did but to not only take part but to win and score it was just a massive bonus (I didn’t know at the time but it had been recorded).
I really hope to build on this and not only achieve a lot for and with this team on the pitch but also mentally.
They play in a league that is again all about mental health and getting people out and involved, the games are once a month with friendlies in between and the games have rolling subs, so for me this is absolutely perfect.
Thank you so much to everyone the Brodsworth Welfare AFC Social team.
Hopefully between this Social team and the Mental Health FC CIC kickabouts we can help so many people in Doncaster.

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