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Very soon after starting MHFC I soon realised that some many people were in the same boat as me and wanted to play football for various reasons but couldn’t get the numbers together or couldn’t find a non-competitive club/group to join.

It was great that I’d started something that there was a massive need for but the problem was everyone could only do certain days, locations and times.

Because of this, I had the idea and goal to have 3-4 mental health kickabout sessions dotted around Doncaster and at different days and times throughout the week so no matter what location, day or time there should be a session to fit in with your commitments.

And on Monday we made the jump in launching our second session which is a massive step for both me personally as it’s taken a lot to organise it and also MHFC.

We hope this over time gains popularity and helps people like the Saturday session does but it was a fantastic start with 16 people attending for the first session.

The plan is to then add another two sessions in 2024 when we feel the time is right.

We hope to run each session the same and also find a place we can go locally to each pitch to have refreshments and chat.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to the MHFC team (Dan, Adam, Mark, Stuart) who have helped make this happen, they helped massively in running and developing the project.

We also have big plans for MHFC other than the weekly sessions.

A massive thank you to everyone who spreads the word whether it be shared on social media, word of mouth or by sharing posters and flyers.

Thanks, Ryan

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

EVERY MON 7:30 – 8:30PM @ Outwood Academy Adwick
EVERY SAT 8:00 – 9:00AM* @ Doncaster hockey club
(Sometimes the Saturday session is 30mins earlier so please check)

Relaxed kickabouts with NO SLIDE TACKLES.

ALL adults welcome but please bring suitable clothing, footwear and a drink for during football.
(ONLY trainers for the Saturday session but blades and moulds are allowed on the Monday session).

Refreshments and chat after both sessions.
(Hockey club house for the Saturday session and Highway Man for the Monday session)

THE COST? – it’s pay what you want ????
You don’t have to pay anything but contributions are welcome.

If you’d like to volunteer to run one of the new sessions please get in touch ????
You can find more info about running one of the sessions here

If you’re interested but can’t do this location, day of time please like our page to stay updated as we’re working on adding up to 3-4 different locations, days and times around Doncaster so everyone can go to at least one ????

DISCLAIMER – We have insurance to cover us but we hope/don’t expect to use it, it’s just a friendly kick about so no dangerous tackles but we accept that accidents happen.

Photos & videos may be taken during the sessions for website and social media use to hopefully reach and attract new people, if you don’t want your photo taken that isn’t a problem and just let us know, we’ll try to mention it before each session anyway.

Mental Health FC CIC is a registered non-profit project that is bringing people together to play the sport they love while improving & maintaining their mental health.


You can read here how football helps and improves mental health

If you have any questions you’re more than welcome to send us an email or DM or you can put the question in our Mental Health FC Facebook group and people who attend the sessions can answer the question