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I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for the help and support Mark had given me in helping and running sessions.

I didn’t know Mark before MHFC so it just shows the effect he’s had on myself and MHFC that he’s already a vital part of the MHFC team.

Mark suffers from anxiety, depression, is a suicide survivor and is currently undergoing his autism diagnosis.

He has a wealth of experience, knowledge and training around mental health and autism and brings a sense of calm knowing he’s there if anything was to happen.

Marks son, Connor also wanted to join in with the sessions but was very anxious about it which is completely normal.

Thankfully and with encouragement from his Mum and Dad he was able to push through the barrier of the first session and hasn’t looked back since and he’s come on so much.

Sheridan, Marks wife and Connor’s Mum also wanted to get involved in the sessions but was also anxious about it.

Again she successfully made her debut and is still anxious at sessions but does extremely well and we’re all there to support them.

Sheridan suffers with anxiety and Mark and Connor suffer with anxiety and autism.

It’s been fantastic to watch the family develop over the weeks and sessions.

The family attend Doncaster Rovers matches both home and away so to be able to give them a signed football as a surprise as thanks hopefully shows how much I appreciate Mark and praise all three for how much they’ve come on.

I’ve added a photo of Mark, Sheridan and Connor with the surprise.

Sadly this is the last surprise we’ll be doing for a while until we can organise and sort something else, but it definitely won’t be the last!!

I hope to collaborate with more brands, teams, players etc so we can do as many of these as we can and for as many people as we can.

You can read about previous surprises here

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