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I’d recieved a family ticket from Doncaster Rovers to go and watch one of their home league games during this season.

With this surprise I was really struggling on who to pick because I wanted it to be the right person/family who’d get a real buzz from the surprise and going to the game.

It wasn’t until the Christmas period that we had someone new join the session on the 23rd December that I found the perfect family to go.

The whole family was at the session on the 23rd with Dad (Carl) playing while Mum was watching and Son (Lucas) was watching and playing by himself.

I’d got to the session late but in the 20mins I was there you could tell just how obsessed Lucas was about football and I had a kick about with him for 10mins and could tell he was a good young player.

After talking to Lucas’ Mum, I found out that he’d only been to watch an under 21 game at Rovers which he loved and would love to watch the Rovers 1st team for the first time.

This was perfect for the surprise as it would enable Lucas his first opportunity to watch a football match for the very first time with his family and a friend.

Not only do I hope this surprise gives the whole family a buzz but I hope it inspires Lucas to keep playing and he has a great experience watching his first professional football match.

I’ve added some photos of Lucas and his Dad receiving the surprise.

I hope Lucas, his family and his friend enjoy the experience and get to see a win.

I hope to collaborate with more brands, teams, players etc so we can do as many of these as we can and for as many people as we can.

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